Swiss Offshore Private Vault Safe Storage Options

A list of offshore private vaults

Offshore privately managed vaults offer overseas and domestic investors the opportunity to further diversify their financial holdings – a wise strategy at any time, but of critical importance whenever economic stability is in short supply. Switzerland’s enduring reputation for respecting the rights of the individual explains why it invariably ranks high among nations offering secure financial services on the international market. Furthermore, its renowned political independence, excellent transport and communication links, and geographical proximity to the European Union, provide further reassuring reasons why a Swiss facility is often the first choice in such circumstances. So here is a list of the safe storage facilities available to Swiss Gold Safe clients.

Picture of a typical Swiss mountain fortress with visible embrasures.
Typical Swiss mountain fortress with visible embrasures.
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Amsteg UR Gotthard vault 1

Vault 1 is a former military complex dug deep into the Swiss Alpine mountainside in the Gotthard region, near the town of Amsteg. As its rugged and well-fortified location might suggest, this is a high-security vault now used for the allocated and segregated storage of precious metals. Primarily a facility for institutional clients, this private vault handles domestic investor storage. And because it is legally considered a tax-free customs territory in its own right, this Swiss Gold Safe vault also acts as an offshore free zone (open bonded warehouse) for the benefit of foreign institutional investors.

Although conveniently located at the heart of Europe, Switzerland has traditionally remained extremely protective of individual property rights, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the canton of Uri – where Amsteg is situated. Uri is one of the three founding Cantons of Switzerland, a land where respectful financial conventions enshrined in Swiss law protect the rights of overseas investors and local inhabitants in equal measure.

View over the Lake of Uri and its surrounding mountains
View over the Lake of Uri and its surrounding mountains.

Gotthard vault 3

Vault 3 is another large, ex-military stronghold hewn from the rocks of the Swiss Alps. Now used for the storage of precious metals and offering almost unique physical security, this private vault is a designated facility serving the diverse needs of institutional clients from every jurisdiction. Enjoying the legal status of a free zone (open bonded warehouse), this offshore repository can conveniently store precious metals held for a broad range of investment purposes. Thus all holdings can take fully legitimate and absolutely confidential advantage of Switzerland’s laws which generally deem individual property rights to be paramount, with all the tax-efficient benefits that concept offers to prudent investors.

It is undoubtedly appropriate that this vault lies in the canton of Uri, one of the three original Swiss Cantons. Though modern Switzerland has excellent communication and transport links, today’s Swiss culture continues to guard and maintain its historic and wholehearted support for the concept of financial independence.

Zurich Embraport ZH

With around 150,000 square metres of segregated storage space, the Embraport duty-free warehouse offers a high-security vault for domestic and international clients. Though all kinds of high-value items can be accommodated here, this facility’s duty-free zone status makes it especially attractive to those who wish to invest in white precious metals. VAT is only payable on imported goods, so investors trading wholly within Embraport can maximise the benefits of their portfolio without incurring an additional tax burden.

The Zurich Embraport is, of course, located conveniently close to Zurich international airport. And with excellent transport links close at hand, private clients will thus find it very easy to arrange a visit for auditing purposes.

Picture of the Zurich Airport
Some Vaults are close to the Zurich Airport.
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Zurich Lufingen ZH

Zurich Lufingen is a domestic warehouse for both, Swiss and international customers. As such it offers segregated storage space primarily used by clients who wish to arrange secure and cost-effective storage of gold. And where the VAT has already been paid, some investors store their silver assets too. Once physical storage is allocated at Lufingen, clients may store and/or buy and sell precious metals held within the vault without attracting any further tax liability. Prospective clients can also rest assured that, as a privately managed facility, Zurich Lufingen will handle all matters related to the storage of valuable commodities with the utmost discretion.

Zurich Lufingen is little more than five kilometres away from Zurich international airport, Switzerland’s largest air transport hub. Such close proximity means that clients can always conveniently access this vault whenever an audit is required.

Safe deposit box Vault Altdorf UR

Swiss Gold Safe’s primary safe deposit box facility in Altdorf UR is also sometimes known as Gotthard vault 2. Clients use this privately managed vault facility to safeguard precious metals, important documents, and any other high-value items in a totally secure and comprehensively insured environment. Total discretion and minimal formalities in an offshore, off-bank setting is absolutely guaranteed.

Altdorf, which also happens to be the location of the Swiss Gold Safe headquarters, is the principal town in Uri Canton. Historically, Uri was one of Switzerland’s three founding cantons, where strong social, cultural and political forces have consistently supported the rights of individuals to conduct their financial affairs in private and without state intrusion. So, Switzerland’s reputation for confidential financial service is long established, vigorously defended, and always respectfully observed.

Picture of the Gitschen, a mountain in the Swiss Alps close to Altdorf.
Within the Swiss Alps lie a lot of secret bunkers, now used to store wealth.

Safe deposit box vault Schaan

The Swiss Gold Safe safe deposit box facility in Schaan, Liechtenstein, offers the same services as the Altdorf location. So clients can take advantage of discreet and ultra-secure storage options for all precious metals, documents and similar valuable commodities.

Photography of the castle of Vaduz
In the Principality of Liechtenstein Swiss Gold Safe offers safe deposit boxes.
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However, geography also comes into play here. This private Liechtenstein vault, while remaining outside of the EU jurisdiction, is conveniently close to the borders of Austria and Germany. Thus German clients in particular can enjoy ready access to a bank-independent financial environment very like that of Switzerland’s own, and thus not only convenient but also financially stable and secure in every respect. Furthermore, the existence of a safe haven in a second country also gives clients a further opportunity to diversify their assets across different jurisdictions – a sound financial strategy which offers all the advantages of conventional banking (and more), with none of the intrusive disadvantages.