Welcome to Offshore Private Vaults where you can find out everything you need to know about financial security, investment diversification, and privately managed vaults that lie outside of the United States. Here, you will find out about the high-security storage facilities available in Europe that offer a high level of investor discretion as well as safeguards against theft. Anyone who is looking at placing some or all of their wealth in an overseas institution should at least consider the benefits of offshore private vaults and why they provide such a marked alternative to traditional financial institutions, such as banks.

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Offshore Private Vaults offer a vast selection of storage solutions.
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You will also be able to discover the main differences between using an offshore private vault compared to holding a foreign investment account as well as details about the normal operation of such secure facilities. In addition, Offshore Private Vaults provides valuable insights into investment diversification vehicles – such as stored cash, jewelry, precious metals, and other valuable items – all of which can be stored indefinitely in such facilities.

Of course, there are many very sound reasons that American citizens might want to offshore some of their wealth. That said, doing so for illegal purposes is not condoned by Offshore Private Vaults. The purpose of this website is to provide valuable information about secure private vaults and the potential benefits that they can afford people who need to avoid keeping all of their financial eggs in one basket, so to speak. As such, Offshore Private Vaults recommends seeking independent legal advice if you are in any doubt about storing a proportion of your wealth in physical assets overseas. No redress can be sought from Offshore Private Vaults for the advice given on these pages since it is for the purposes of information only.

Read on to find out why overseas wealth storage facilities offer a cost-effective alternative to domestic options and why diversifying your wealth in them can be so beneficial. We will also examine the case of Switzerland and why this central European country stands out as a provider of offshore private vaults compared to other states. Firstly, however, we will begin by defining exactly what an offshore private vault is.